Way With Worlds: Book One
Cover Artist:

Richelle Rueda


Jessica Hardy

"I wrote the first Way With Worlds columns in the late 90's, to explore and advise on worldbuilding for the growing online communities of writers and gamers. Nearly one and a half decades later, I decided to revisit and rewrite them, publishing them at Seventh Sanctum and other sites. Now, polished, edited, and expanded they're available in handy book form for dedicated creators!"

-Steven Savage

Creating fictional worlds is fun - but making memorable, effective ones is often challenging. How do you make something that doesn't exist, make it real enough people enjoy it, and make sure it endures, grows, and keeps making sense to your expanding audience?

Way With Worlds offers you a helpful guide to being a better worldbuilder. From basic theories and principles to guide you, to intense discussions of sex, ecology, and culture, you'll take a tour of the best ways to make places that never were. When you're done, you'll have a grasp of worldbuilding that will make sure your fiction is as memorable as fact.

In this book you'll explore:

  • Basic Philosophies Of Worldbuilding - Get the basics and gain a new viewpoint on worldbuilding.
  • World Creation Essentials - What you have to think of to build your setting.
  • Magic And Technology - Understand the differences, the similarities, and what they mean. Clarke's law ahoy . . .
  • Religion - Building religion presents challenges and opportunities - learn to face them and take them!
  • Sex - Sex in the world's you build is going to involve more than you think, because more than you may think is about sex . . .
  • Species And Races - Creating species and races opens us up to traps of words and ideas we may not see - avoid them!
  • Characters - Who are the people in your world? More than you may think . . .

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