Quest For Employment

"This book was written after I got laid off and found a job in a month, using all the techniques I'd blogged about for years. However, right before it was to be published, I got laid off again, and had to put them to the test - and found a job within six weeks during the holidays. Convinced that I actually knew what I was doing, I updated the draft and published this book, because I realized what we get taught in job searching is usually only the basics. This is the 'director's cut' of the job search. Trust me, there's a lot of hard-won lessons in here . . ."

-Steven Savage

Ever feel like you're not getting the "full story" on how the job search works? You probably aren't because usually, all we're taught is the basics. Unfortunately, most job search advice just repeats the basics.

"Quest For Employment" figures you know the basics - instead it's about taking your job search farther. From what your resume says that you may not be aware of to the value of empathy, it’s about going beyond the typical advice we’ve all heard.

This book's contents include:

  • Specific chapters about important subjects like resumes, networking, job search boards, and more. Find what can help you right away.
  • Extensive to-do lists. You'll be able to apply what you've learned right away.
  • Real-life experiences and discussions from the author.
  • Short and sweet. At just 40 pages, you can get reading and then get moving fast!
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      - My presentation on the book and its theories.

What Reviewers Have Said:

  • "With 40 pages total, "Quest for Employment" is succinct, easy to follow, and recommended reading before starting a job search." - Tom Tonthat, SF Geek Culture Examiner
  • "In the end, this book is very helpful in breaking down what needs to be done to get a job. Some of it seems like it should be a no-brainer, but there's a lot of useful tips to help an unemployed person think outside of the box. I definitely recommend giving it a read." - Yunie, Cosplaybrain
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