A Bridge To The Quiet Planet: A Tale of Avenoth




When your job is finding the truth, some things have to stay hidden . . .

Sorceress Marigold Rel and technic Scintilla Ferr made a living recovering old artifacts and forgotten history on the world of Telvaren. On a planet of ancient magic and strange science, scarred by old wars and blessed by internet-using gods, there was a lot of the past to dig up. Sometimes the past wasn't too cooperative, which was where Marigold and Scintilla came in.

When the partners decided they needed a break, they took a contract to move a collection of holy books to the divine grave-world of Godsrest. Sometimes putting things away is easier than digging them up - or so they thought.

Soon they were in possession of seven books written by a dead and unknown god, provided by retiring bookstore owner Shalen Vynne, who wasn't forthcoming about their origin. The slightly scatterbrained goddess of Fortune had sent a cleric to prod them to action, and he'd attached himself to the group. Plus the interplanetary Network was starting to become abuzz with some very dangerous rumors . . .

Hoping to outrun trouble, the mismatched crew took to hopping planets via scientific sorcery. Trouble was always one step behind, leaving them to deal with everything from randomly appearing demons to an elite military unit who seemed to be too helpful for all the wrong reasons. Nothing was what it seems, but Marigold and Scintilla were going to figure out what was going on.

Because sometimes the past is the enemy of the present.

When your job is fighting in the dark, the light can surprise you . . .

Briar Lindel had been trained to fight the sorcerous and technical threats that still plagued humanity's homeworld of Telvaren and the other planets people had colonized. Unfortunately, she did this as a member of the Whispered Dirge, once an order of monster-hunters and battlers of dark magic that had degenerated into a questionable branch of the interplanetary Military.

Then her superiors asked her team to investigate a Mister Shalen Vynne because of something utterly impossible. Briar had the chance she wanted; to prove her superiors were completely out of their minds.

She'd assembled the ideal team. Shadowy spy Tide used primal magic to vanish and reappear. Trainee Gyra's sheer willpower, head for languages, and knowledge of technology was perfect. All they had to do was prove their superiors were completely wrong, which certainly beat the far more threatening things they usually dealt with.

Only to do that they'd have to find Mister Vynne first, and that meant pursuing him across planets and dealing with his protectors; a clever sorceress, an unpredictable engineer, and an annoyingly friendly cleric of the goddess of Fortune. It also meant that each step of the way, they found out that what they were facing was far more complicated than expected.

Sometimes being right is worse than being wrong.

Coming August/September 2018!
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