Epic Resume Go! Second Edition

"This book was born ages ago when a recruiter noted I was good at telling my career story. Eventually I realized that storytelling is core to a good resume (and a good job search). I wrote down my lessons and blogged about them, and later realized I should just roll them up in a book. Besides, whenever my friends ask me about how to do a resume now I can just send them a copy . . ."

-Steven Savage

Now in it's second edition!

"Epic Resume Go!" treats resume writing as a storytelling exercise. Like any great novel or blockbuster a resume has taglines, a main character (you), backstories, and more. With helpful exercises and a sense of humor, this book will help you make the resume writing experience exciting - or at least tolerable.

It's time to make your resume epic!

This book's contents include

  • New ways to view each part of your resume and how it sells and tells your story.
  • Exercises and advice to help you find your story, your Opening Statement, Skills List, Job History, and more!
  • Short and sweet. At just 46 pages, you can get reading and then get moving fast!
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Nook ($2.99)
Kobo ($2.99)
Other ($2.99)

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    - A presentation I've given on the Epic Resume theories!
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