The Power Of Creative Paths

Ellen Marlow

"After some 16 years of running Seventh Sanctum it was time to start writing about Brainstorming and Creativity - and this is the first book. It helps you find the way you create - your Creative Path - appreciate it, then get the heck off of it and on to some new ones so you don't limit yourself."

-Steven Savage

We all want to be more creative - even when we think of ourselves as individuals who are great at coming up with ideas. But how do you do more? How do you go farther?

By realizing the Creative Path you travel to get ideas - and then learning about different Paths others use so you can work with them and even use them yourselves!

First, you'll learn about the five different Creative Paths to find the ones you use, its strengths - and its weaknesses. Next, you'll learn how to walk the other Paths through a series of guided exercises. Finally, you'll understand how people on different Paths can work together - or how they can fail.

When you're done, you'll be ready to walk different Creative Paths, understand your preferred ones, and know how to work with people different (or the same) from you. You'll give yourself more options to be creative - which means more quality ideas!

In this book you'll get:

  • The Five-Path Theory - Understand the five Creative Paths - Combiner, Expander, Fuser, Reducer, and Mapper
  • Concise Guides To The Five Paths - Know the strengths and weaknesses of the different Creative Paths.
  • Guides To Traveling On Different Paths - Once you know your preferred Creative Path, you can follow helpful exercises to travel the others.
  • Advice On How People On Different Paths Can Work Together - Different Paths work together different ways - find out how to maximize cooperation!
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