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Welcome to Informotron Press.

Informotron Press is a one-stop shop for books on careers and culture, focused on geeks and careerists. From turning your SF convention into a career tool to rethinking the resume as a creative writing exercise, that's what's here.

I'm Steven Savage, the author. I write on geeks, culture, and careers. I call myself Geek 2.0 - the professional geek - the person who takes their passions and obsessions and applies them to career and to life. I'm there to help cosplayers and coders, fanfic writers and game enthusiasts really get out and apply their geekery. I'm here to help you.

What will you find here? Books on careers and the job search, conventions, and hobbies. Each book is an inventory of the "tools" you have to improve your career and your opportunities, and how to use them. There's no fluff here (except when I get wordy, and I do) just ways to get out there and do more with life.

You're a geek, a cosplayer, and techhead, a lit nut, what have you. You've got a million ideas in your head, knowledge others don't, and a thirst to use it. Let's unlock it together and see how far you can take it . . .

As for me? Well, I'm a Program Manager and lifelong enthusiast for SF, video games, science, and technology. Round about 2008 or so I began wondering how I could help people out in their careers because I saw so many people of skill and talent have trouble getting their careers going - or restarting them. That led to blogs, writing, and coaching. Soon I was creating books, which led to the Informotron. What you see now isn't all of it - I've got a huge backlog of things to print, "bookitize" and get out and available to you. The Informotron is a living project and it's going to keep going . . .

Come along for the ride.

- Steven Savage

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