Fan To Pro
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"Every group of friends has one person who people goes to for job advice. Among my friends, that was me and I figured I should do something with it. So, I wrote a book - then I ended up expanding it into a second edition!"

-Steven Savage

Everyone talks about doing what they love for a living. This book isn't going to tell you how to do that because that's thinking too narrowly.

Instead, "Fan To Pro" is about learning to see how your hobbies are a giant toolkit that you can use to build your career and improve your job opportunities. All the things you do in fandom give you ways to build skills, connect with people, and even develop a new career plan.

Get to work with and put your hobbies to work by . . .
  • Developing the right perspective so you can see the opportunities, skills, and insights available to you as a fan!
  • Doing a variety of helpful, fast exercises to help you see new opportunities, improve skills, and find opportunities for a new job!
  • Exploring aspects of hobbies you weren't aware of or never thought of - and how they help your career.
  • Using a variety of resources to build a more interesting career with what you love.

This is the second edition of the book, updating and expanding on the original advice!

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Get These Helpful Resources!

    • Presentation
      - My presentation on the book, its contents, and concepts!
    • Handout
      - A handy guide from my presentation.

What Reviewers Have Said About The Second Edition:

  • "I was feeling stuck on a project and picked up Steve's book to see if it could push me into more productive action. It did but more importantly - Steve's book is exactly right on career management. Over my career I have used these same techniques to keep my career thriving as well as moving it into excellent directions. Since I was already using similar strategies it is easy for me to see the value of his ideas which were not yet in my toolbox - and now they are available to me. His specificity for people in the fan world is an asset as specifics are always more illustrative than generalities, but if you are not technical or you don't participate in the fan fiction or gaming world his ideas are still completely relevant. Mostly he presents his strategies in a general enough manner to require little or no translation. In more specific examples a little imagination will generate excellent strategies for any industry. I look forward to using Steve's strategies to keep my own momentum going." - Ann Mueller

What Reviewers Have Said About The First Edition:

  • "Fan-to-Pro is a book that revels, praises, exults, and joyfully rolls around in the world of fandom. Though he has a background in science-fiction and fantasy fandom (as well as extensive experience in IT and career recruiting), Savage makes it clear that fandom covers any number of celebrated subjects, from the aforementioned sci-fi, to sports, and even art." - Kevin Scott
  • "Ready to learn how to take your hobbies and passions to the next level? Then order your copy of Fan to Pro and let Steven Savage help you chase the career of your dreams." - D.I.Y. Planner
  • "This book is more than just a to do list to get into the career of your passion, it is a motivating guide that helps you step by step into turning your passion into a job. The book is like a helping friend, speaking words of encouragement and assisting the reader by giving a final word on rumors, developing skills, and how to get into the business." - Kevin Apolis
  • "The author does an excellent job of explaining how to turn your fan interests into a career. But he also goes a step further and provides easy to do exercises that can help you start to take steps to make it happen." - Taylor Ellwood of Imagine Your Reality
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