Chances Muse: Random Tools For Creative Ideas
Cover Artist:

Steven Savage


Bonnie Walling

Turning Randomness Into Infinite Potential!

From dice and tables to complicated programs, people have found ways to turn random numbers into inspiring ideas. Few of us haven't had fun rolling dice in a Role-Playing Game or sought inspiration in software that creates new plots and characters. But how does one create these "Generators of Inspiration?"

Author Steven Savage has explored random Generators for decades and is the creator of the website Seventh Sanctum. Here he details a framework for creating random Generators that includes:

  • The five different forms of Generators, providing a useful model to understand the different ways random tools inspire.
  • A philosophy of the Traits and Principles of goods Generator to help you create powerful imagination tools.
  • Examples of how one might approach creating random tools for popular subjects like names and characters.
  • Exploring common language elements that help one break down and create Generators.
  • Advice on Generator creation.
If you create games, work on tools for inspiration, or just like a surprise, this is the book for you!

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