Think Agile, Write Better

Bonnie Walling

Better writing comes from learning to think different. Agile is the approach you need to build a new mindset.

“Think Agile, Write Better” takes the ideas behind Agile software development, and shows how they help you think different as a writer. Through a series of small “Chapterlets,” you’ll learn to adopt new mindsets with advice, exercises, and personal examples from the author.

Never heard of Agile? Use it all the time? No matter your experience, you'll find something here to help your writing style.

In this book you’ll discover such things as:

  • Setting real goals that direct your writing!
  • Breaking down your writing in simple, fast ways that help you focus and pace yourself!
  • Advice on avoiding burnout – using Agile as a touchstone!
  • How to communicate with your readers, editors, and audience in a way that helps everyone get what they want!

Use Agile. Think different. Write better.

Kindle ($3.99)
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Print ($9.99)
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