Way With Worlds: Book Two
Cover Artist:

Richelle Rueda


Jessica Hardy

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"I wrote the first Way With Worlds columns in the late 90's, to explore and advise on worldbuilding for the growing online communities of writers and gamers. Nearly one and a half decades later, I decided to revisit and rewrite them, publishing them at Seventh Sanctum and other sites. Now, polished, edited, and expanded they're available in handy book form for dedicated creators!"

-Steven Savage

Last Book covered the basics of Worldbuilding. This one is about specific issues, detailed discussions, and even more philosophy of creating imaginary settings. Get ready for the next step.

This book will cover:

  • Heroes, Villains, and Author's Pets - Good and evil are tough enough to write, but get more complicated when author's favor certain characters, or our own cultural biases step in!
  • Utopias and Dystopias - How do we make believably good civilizations, believaby bad ones - and why do we do this in the first place?
  • Conflicts - How do conflicts occur, how can we write them realistically, and what happens when you need to haul off and go post-apocalyptic on your setting?
  • Communication - How do you tell people what's going on in your world, without making it obvious you're telling them?
  • Tools and Techniques - From philosophy and exercises to using (or avoiding) other forms of media to help your worldbuilding, what can you do to stretch yourself?
  • Skills - What skills make a good Worldbuilder - and is worldbuilding itself a skillset or something more?
  • Originality - Fruitless quest or the holy grail of the worldbuilder? Why do we worry so often about originality?
Coming in 2017!
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