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Steve discusses how to recycle electronics at MuseHack. It's more interesting, more disturbing, and more widespread than you may realize. Between deadly chemicals and new opportunities to be a civic geek, you'll learn something!

In the resource section there's a new supplement, a handy listing of useful career-oriented tools, sites, and more from the book Fan To Pro: Leveling Up Your Career Through Your Hobbies!

Focused Fandom!

Cosplay as the foundation of a career? There's more options and opportunities than you may realize . . .
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Fanart provides unique opportunities for careers - if you know what to look for!
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Hobbies And Careers!

Fandom can be the fuel to create new career opportunities - as long as you know what to look for. This handy guide is your starting point!
Now in second edition!
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Turn any convention into a career engine with this handy guide to designing events for fans thinking of the future!
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Turbocharge The Job Search!

Resume writing made into a creative exercise - it doesn't have to be drugdery!
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Tired of the job search making no sense? Take a different look with this "director's cut" of the job search.
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