Steve’s Update 7/30/2015

And here’s where my writing projects are, but first . . .

The Informotron

So here you go, it’s all ago at The Informotron!  Here you’ll get both my published writing, free stuff, and blog entries and speculations.  It’ll probably double up with some of my work at Seventh Sanctum, but will be mostly original stuff – and I plan to package up and make a lot of my past writing more accessible.

You know when I get time . . .

Sailor Moon Book

This is on hold for a month.  My co-author was in a car accident (involving a car problem and a curb) and got banged up a bit.  She’s fine, but while she cleans up after the accident and recovers, we decided a break is in order for her – and we’re at the stage where we’ve got to team up to analyze the data now that we’re at our midpoint.  So I figure this lets us jump back into it fresh, with no pressure.

So at this rate I still don’t see the book done until next summer.   But then again you never know – I’ve never done a book in partnership on media impacts, so most of my estimates are extrapolations.  Of course who says this is the last book I do like this . . .

Way With Worlds

The book is roughly formatted, and I’ve done some editing – and then just decided to switch over to the old print-and-edit method.  It’s not like it’s not done, it’s just that the book needs to be edited.  So I’ve got piles of papers marked up so I can start entering changes.  A few sections are probably getting extensive rewrites.

I also am debating splitting it into two, but right now just can’t bring myself to do it – it’s roughly a mix of direct advice and worldbuilding approach and philosophy so I could split it but it just doesn’t seem right.

Oh, and I’ve got some lighter sequels/spinoffs/extras in mind, but you won’t see that until it’s out . . .


– Steven Savage

Informotron: We’re Live (Mostly)

OK gang, Steve here.  I’ve mostly migrated all my previous MuseHack (which is also previous Fan To Pro) work here to the Informotron.  Now I’m going to be doing some pruning and purging (not sure we need old news, not sure interviews should be at a more personal site, etc.).  But we’re here.

Next up is new writing . . . and compiling my old work into readable, findable formats!

– Steven Savage